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Whores and Boars

Sluttiest Inn in Westeros

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Valar Morghulis

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Hey! My name's Sarah and I adore Game of Thrones and especially Renly/Loras.

I was part of a small private Renly/Loras role play but unfortunatly the person playing Loras turned out to be a bit of a nutcase (eep!) and I asked them to leave.

So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being the Loras to my Renly? I'm a pretty decent RPer, i'm around often and just love to write and meet new people!

If anyone is interested please just leave a message :)

More LorasxRenly FanArt
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at More LorasxRenly FanArt
So a lot of people asked for more Loras X Renly so here it is. I figured you want something a bit more thank kissing this time so I did this while still teasing you at the same time lol If you want I will do some more R rated pictures, just say in the comments. I hope you like it, remember comments are my CRACK!

LorasxRenly FanArt
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at LorasxRenly FanArt
My first pairing art in this fandom so please tell me what you think and if you want to see more of this pairing on any other pairing and if you want more.. saucier lets say ;) I hope you like it, remember comments are my CRACK!

Daenerys with her Dragons FanArt
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Daenerys with her Dragons FanArt
So I had a lot of requests asking me to drawn Dany with her Dragons so her it is, I know a lot of people have drawn this scene so I hope I've put my own little twist on it. I think this picture has taken the longest out of all of them so I hope you like it, remember comments are my CRACK! ^__^

Season 2 is coming
gif ~ iker
I need an honest to god GoT discussion post. Mostly to get ready for the new season but also to get the books straight in my head again. For instance I was sure the commet was in later books but then it showed up in the season two preview so I don't know any more.

So talk about what you want. What you don't want. Refresh your knowledge of book two and try to warn people about spoilers if you can.

Lots of video. May take a minute to loadCollapse )

Multifandom Icon Post
modern times.
[45] Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
[52] Game of Thrones Season One
[55] The Vampire Diaries Season Three



more hereyoucallitwinter

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
modern times.
[46] Game of Thrones
[26] Mad Men
[44] The Vampire Diaries


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HammerFall - Dark Wings Dark Words
map, game of thrones
Eons ago I promised lunar_art I'd post a picspam of the Game of Thrones cast but I never found the time to finish compiling the pics. Until now. The total haul is 215 photos of 31 actors, a bit too much for one post but perfectly enough for two.

In case anyone's interested, here they are:

» Part 1
» Part 2

Enjoy! :)

If you have more pictures of any of those actors, don't hesitate to share them in the comments, I'd be most grateful!

The Mountain that rides
gif ~ iker
Did you enjoy the Mountain in the Game of Thrones HBO series? Did you think Conan Stevens did a good job of playing him? I did. I really liked him. Unfortunately we may not be seeing him again.

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